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Landscape Care

For a beautiful and natural world around your home or place of business.

Our wish is that you can relax while we carefully maintain your outdoor living space the way nature requires.

Landscape Care Packages
We currently offer 4 basic packages of lawn and landscape care, as well as individual services.

Jasper Monthly Care Package

Monthly Weed Control Visit

Hand weeding larger weeds at our discretion.

Spraying selectively for weed control in all landscapes and hardscape surface.

Sapphire Monthly Care Package

Monthly landscape care(just the essentials)

Jasper Package included

+ Bed edge redefining with trimmer

+ Tree sprouts removed.

+ Perennial trimming

+ Blowing off all hardscape surfaces

Shrub trimming is not included and would be a separate charge/service.

Emerald  Monthly Care Package

Monthly landscape care(the essentials plus some)

Sapphire package include+ Shrub trimming(up to 3 times per season)
+ Insect/Fungus Control

Diamond Package

~ All-inclusive landscape care package.

~ evenly-spread monthly contract pricing for easier budgeting.

~ Custom additional services available as well.

Emerald Package included.

+ Spring Cleanup.

a. Bed edging.          

b. Mulch installation

c. Fertilizer and weed control application

+ Fall Cleanup

a. Cut-back of perennials
b. Removal of leaves from landscape areas.

Keep in mind, we do have a couple other monthly-priced contract package options as well that do not include the monthly care visit.

    Landscape Care Services
    Individual or multiple services available.

    Spring cleanup
    spring landscape bed cleanup prior to mulching.
    Bed edging

    Cutting a clean fresh edge between the lawn and landscape bed and removing excess soil or turf.

    Mulch installation

    Application of fertilizer and weed germination inhibitor "preemergent"
    Installation of premium hardwood triple-processed mulch as specified.

    Shrub trimming

    Small ornamental tree pruning

    Hand pruning small ornamental trees and larger leaf deciduous shrubs.

    Selective hand pruning is most healthy for these plants - keeping the canopy open enough for water, air, and sunlight to penetrate.
    Shearing of certain deciduous and evergreen plants that have a further branch distance between leaves will have negative effects on the health of the plant.

    Seasonal Annual Color-Burst Install

    Each fall we take orders for full trays of annuals to be installed the following spring, which will give your home an instant burst of color in a solid mass planting that will last until frost.

    Fall Cleanup

    Fall cleanup of beds to prep for winter.
    cut-back of grasses to eliminate messy grass pieces overwinter.
    Cut-back of perennials for winter.
    Minor hand-pruning ornamental trees and shrubs that require it to maintain maximum health.
    Leaf removal to the curb for pickup(if specified in contract.)

    Property Cleanup

    Have you just purchased a home that is in serious need of a facelift? Or maybe you've been so busy, you can't even think of keeping up.

    Either way, we can certainly help with that.

    Serving Ohio residents and businesses in and around Englewood, Vandalia , Huber Heights, Tipp City, Troy.